Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

March feels like it’s been going on forever now. Every week feels so long and never ending. I would think that today must be Thursday already and tomorrow would be Friday. The thing is, that thought occurs almost everyday to me that it feels like the torturing Thursday never ends and Friday never comes.

The good thing is, I was able to make some time to bake stuff despite my busy schedule. I even got help from my friend, The Blushing Rabbit, for the most dreadful task in the kitchen: separating egg whites and egg yolks. If there’s anything I hate the most about baking, it’s not the cleaning up part as what people usually complain, it’s separating eggs! I don’t mind cleaning up at all I even find it therapeutic sometimes, but oh my God do I have no patience for separating eggs. So, yeah, I was very pleased when my best friend offered me some help for that. That’s what friends are for, separating eggs when you can’t.

yolk batter


fold in

Make sure there’s no even a trace of yolks or any kind of fat/water in the egg whites mixture or else the meringue won’t be possible. The meringue is very important for chiffon cake as it is the only leavening agent that can make your cake raise properly. It’s what makes chiffon cake, a chiffon cake. Airy, light and fluffy.




Why you need chiffon cake pan to make chiffon cake? Because it allows you to invert the pan for cooling process. Chiffon cake is really delicate it can collapse because of its own weight. To solve that problem, let gravity helps you with that.

coloring book

While waiting for the cake to completely cool down, I like to do some coloring book. This one I got from my friends for birthday present is my current favorite. It’s The Time Chamber by Daria Song. Not only does it have beautiful and detailed artwork, it has a storyline as well. It makes me feel excited to finish each page and flip over to the next page to know what’s going to happen to the character.


For more detailed information, troubleshooting, tips and tricks for making chiffon cake, I like to go to this website.





I usually did my illustrations through digital art with my iPad but for this post, I manually did the illustration with water color and pen. It’s got different feeling but I am not sure which one is the best yet so I will probably keep experimenting with different media. If you have suggestions or preferences, do let me know!

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